Here is a note from one of our teaching artists:

 I learned the game at my alma mater, Flint Youth Theatre from a Teaching Artist named Jason Hurley.  He was brilliant at physical comedy and loved bringing in creative warmup games for us.  It was always one of my favorites and I use it in the classroom for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it's fun and catchy!  Students of all ages love it for its song-song nature and the countdown at the end.  Additionally, it gets the body and voice working together, it promotes focus and listening while including everyone! Students learn to get outside their heads during the game, simply repeating sounds and movements. They can't worry about looking or sounding silly because I'm already being silly before them and they cannot predict what I'll do next.  They are unconsciously connecting their movements to sounds and changing their vocal dynamics based on the movement.  This exercise never fails to engage everyone!

-Sarah Pullman-Atanacio, Teaching Artist