Jaye Sheldon, the director of our closing Teen Summer Institute session: SUPERHEROES - enhanced the experience with a lovely director's note in the program, and a poignant video about the process:

“No matter how old you get, remember to play.” – Viola Spolin (creator of Second City Improv curriculum)

How are actors like superheroes?

Superheroes seem to be able to notice what’s going on around them, so that they can swoop in at exactly the right moment. Through developing first an awareness of ourselves, and then shifting that focus to a soft external focus, we are able to use our periphery to see more of the environment around us. This allows us to tune into the movements and intentions of the whole ensemble.

Superheroes are fearless. Actors need to develop fearlessness in order to take risks and allow intuition to take over.  As we move out of our heads and into the unknown, we use our imaginations to allow us to become our characters, and to make the imaginary world of the play to become real.

Superheroes are focused. Focus is vital to creating believable characters who truly respond to what is happening onstage.

Superheroes stand up for those without a voice.  They step in and do what’s right.

Actors use theater to represent characters and tell stories that help audiences be aware of the experiences of others, bringing awareness to issues facing our communities.

It has been my sincere pleasure to work with these remarkable young actors as they dared to play.