There are many forms of storytelling.  Theatre brings stories to life, right before your eyes in a magical and unique way that no other medium can claim.  During this session of camp, middle school students tackled a specific form of theatrical storytelling:  Musical Theatre!  Musicals can be exciting spectacles, filled with elaborate sets and costumes, not to mention Broadway-sized budgets. However, this session, students were asked to use the music to tell a story and express a message of hope and kindness.  In this musical, the characters sing because words are simply not enough!  This session, students focused carefully on learning complicated music and harmonies, full-scale dance numbers and how to bring truthful, multi-dimensional characters to the stage.  They explored why their characters sing and dance, instead of simply speaking.  They learned how music and movement could create a mood. They worked to use their bodies, voices, minds and imaginations to create their own characters, individual to them and their own, unique interpretations.

These young artists were able to make magic happen, with help from a Creative Pinellas grant. Their friends and families were able to come and see this amazing performance of Bugsy Malone Jr. at the beautiful Palladium Theatre, and for a night, even without the Broadway-sized budgets, we saw Broadway-sized performances.