AMERICAN STAGE HIGHLIGHTS: The Teaching Artist Process

This three-week program will be remembered fondly. The students took such a hilarious journey into their imaginations! Take a peak into lead teaching artist, Amy Swanson's, overall goals for this class...

Theatre Arts/Dance/Music Skills:

Students will…

Acquire basic performance skills such as facing the audience, using a full voice, knowing the areas of the stage.

Be comfortable being expressive and making strong choices vocally and physically.

Explore being someone or something different (i.e. a Muppet) through physical movement and vocal choices.

Learn to identify characters, relationships, objectives, and whereabouts (CROW) in a story.

Understand and Apply the Three F’s of acting: be fearless, be focused, be flexible

Explore and UNDERSTAND the “actor’s tools”: body, voice, mind, and imagination

Demonstrate personal responsibility and commitment to a collaborative process.

Life Learning Skills:

Students will…

Listen to and follow directions.

Analyze and Express personal emotions in a constructive way.

Develop confidence in trusting one’s own instincts.

Encourage and Support others.

Share and Cooperate with peers.

Respect peers and their opinions.