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American Stage Highlights: Theatre in Motion session

This clip is from our 6th-8th grade Theatre in Motion session, led by Sarah Pullman-Atanacio. It is an example of the style of devised work we're doing more of with our new [SPARK] programs, as well as our outreach programs in schools. It's a big change in perspective of what theatre can be, how it can impact young people, and how young people can influence their community through collaboration. 

Many parents and audience members were impacted by this performance. A 3rd-5th grader student's mother summed it up beautifully:

"I want to thank the teacher who had the strength and courage to guide her classroom of girls into something beautiful and the students for creating true art. There truly are not enough words to say how moved I was as a woman, mom, sister and daughter. There are strong voices on that stage and sitting on the sidelines. Keep doing what you do and be loud. Everyone should hear. I am so thankful my daughter watched even if her 9yr old ears weren't quite sure just what she was absorbing. I can only hope some small part will stay with her when she someday faces any of those challenges. When that day comes she will rise up and be heard.
Thank you again for being brave and honest."