June 1 - 11, 2016 - Art/Studio activities

• Discussions w/Pinellas Creative director and blast to 3,100 email, Facebook and Twitter lists re awarding of $5,000 Creative Pinellas Rapid Return grant. Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154862268917802&set=a.460368667801.242674.581507801&type=3&theater

• Follow-up mailing of prior exhibit materials to NYC museum curator after May NYC meeting.

• Follow-up and emailing of materials and photo’s to Burchfield Penney gallery curator for Fall 2016 exhibition of “The Last Tree.” View video for this exhibit and revision notes.

• New drawing for “Luna Windows” series.

• Investigation of iron/plastic/glass casting sources and budgets for new series titled: “Hair Nests.” Emailed one foundry for quote and researching others.

• Discussions and writing of statements and proposals for new exhibit on the environment in conjunction with three NYC artists. Pieces under consideration are from the new “The Last Tree: Squared.” Working on the final drawing which is part of the work.

• Discussions with curator of Detroit exhibition titled “Big Sculpture” and research of the exhibit prior to approval of inclusion. Sent images of sculptures under consideration

• Discussions and appointments set up with various persons re current NYC showing in Tribeca in advance of my June 21st trip to NYC.