Summer Studio

Robert and I have moved into our “summer” studio.  Air-conditioned office space in our building now is the home of paints, design plans and activity.   In the past, we always had tenants in this space, but now we are claiming it as our won.

June, and I’m sure most of the summer, is being a time of reflection and exploration.  It’s feeling good to step back and, at the same time, to move forward in our work.  It’s a different sort of being in the studio when there are not immediate deadlines looming overhead.   Then “necessity is the mother of invention” and completion is the goal.  Deadlines create a fast moving and rewarding time.  Now, we have some quiet and process takes over.  The key is listening and trusting for that will lead to the next body of work.   

Of course, we are researching and ruminating about Central Avenue – that never stops - but key players are on vacation and there are many details to work out.