Looking Back To Look Forward (August 31, 2016)

Here we are working in our studio for a painting show earlier this year in Richmond, VA.

We are working side by side but soon I’ll be working on the waterfall and he’ll be working somewhere else.  Our collaboration is extremely intermingled.  

Here are the paintings finished before they are mounted.

As you can see, they are rather literal – well, expressively literal.  These paintings are an outcropping of the image we did for River Song, the mosaic that is part of our Gateway Trio project in Richmond, VA.

The more literal paintings have evolved into a series of Idea of Water paintings which emerged for the Richmond show and which we are now developing further.  Here are two paintings that were in the Richmond show.

Memory of Wate r

Memory of Water

This is the new direction in our painting studio work. 

And for research, here I am at the “Beach” at Amalie Arena in Tampa.