Summer Camp week 3 teaches about Nigerian art

Children attending our "Art Around the World" summer camp this week are learning all about the art and culture of Nigeria. Nigeria has an artistic tradition that dates back thousands of years. While much of the country's early art had a religious or spiritual significance, many of the traditional arts and crafts evolved over time to include practical and decorative items. Many of the local arts and crafts are regional, but most large markets in the major cities sell items from all over the country.

Nigerian artists through the years have created masks, pottery and textiles, in addition to jewelry and other items. Parents will delight in hearing what their children might teach them about this country, its people and its art.

The photos above depict some of this week's campers creating art, but also show camaraderie and budding friendships that also happen as part of a valuable summer camp experience. We are grateful to our sponsors, including Creative Pinellas, who help make this camp possible. Their dedication to the arts helps US make the arts accessible to all!