And that's a wrap: An "all-around" great time at our "Art Around the World" Camp

As we move toward fall, we take this time to once again thank Creative Pinellas for picking us and our "Art Around the World" inclusive summer camp as one of its "Rapid Returns" grant recipients. The funds provided helped offset some of the costs of paying quality, professional instructors who worked daily with 44 kids ages 6-12 of varying abilities. They learned about the art and culture of of France, Vietnam, Nigeria and El Salvador. Each week culminated in a Friday afternoon reception where campers showed 88 guests throughout the summer their work, introduced them to their instructors and the new friends they made and just enjoyed fellowship celebrating art making.

camp 6.jpg

Creative Clay was fortunate to receive grants and donations from other organizations in addition to Creative Pinellas, which helped to provide 58 scholarships to cover the $150 weekly tuition. All of the camp surveys completed by parents/guardians rated the camp 5/5, giving their approval and satisfaction with the program.

Creative Clay's goal is to continue to provide "Art Around the World" for local kids to have a safe place for art-making, learning, friend making and cultural exchange, as well as understanding of varying abilities between individuals. Enjoy these photos from the last week of camp, which highlights France and shows instructor interaction, a camper fluent in French trying his hand at teach, the amazing art created and the camaraderie among campers who began as strangers, but left as friends.