Clearwater Meadows

I know I should probably be writing here about poetry or something artistic, but all I want to do now is write about my yard in Clearwater near downtown.  Maybe you're thinking I've a well-manicured expensive lawn, but no.  I've fallen in love with our little urban yard and what I like to call our "meadow."  My wife is trying to come around to that way of thinking, but she still sees an uncut, unkempt riot of weeds where I see a meadow of varied plants, insects, birds, reptiles and mammals.

In future postings, I'll be updating readers on readings, upcoming publications, and drafts of poems and my novel.  I hope you will post some responses. Even with blogs and email and so many opportunities for connection these days, writers still wish for communication as Florida poet laureate Peter Meinke conveys in "Dear Reader:" "Why don't you write, you never / write."