Kreative Kids Highlights 2

After having weeks and weeks of whirlwind-like activity, it's nice to look back and reflect on some of the unexpected surprises we had during camp. For the past week, we've been working to compile facts and figures, analyze data, etc. etc. etc. 

Our new part time employee, Ayrton, has been pitching in on the after-camp clean-up, but has also been gathering and compiling records, creating spreadsheets, and contacting parents to arrange art pick-up. "Why", you may ask, "does this have anything to do with camp?" Ayrton came to us as a camp volunteer. We quickly knew we couldn't lose him, so we hired him!

Our volunteers helped to make camp the success that it was. Both Ayrton and Lilly came to us through the Bright Futures Scholarship program. The pottery studio was crazy with activity and was the most popular with the kids. When we wondered how and where we would find enough volunteers to assist with the ever-growing number of pottery kids, our long-time adult students showed up to lend a hand - a special thanks goes out to Monique for weeks and weeks of volunteer work.

With just one week to go, and parents begging for us to increase capacity (all the newly formed best friends just had to be together), another long-time member and student brings her granddaughter and asks if we can use help. The adult knows all about pottery, and the granddaughter learned at her side. Thank you Anna Marie and Isabella. Isabella stepped right in and did a wonderful job.

Of course we think our Kreative Kids are special, and our camp was special, but the participation of members and students and Board members who support us all year, their willingness to help, their love of the Beach Art Center - that's what really makes us special!

Watch for highlights next week when we'll reveal survey results and comments.