Kreative Kids Highlights 4

Since camp ended, we have been reviewing results, looking at ways to improve on our successes, and recognizing the people who made camp the success that it was. Success is only possible when there are good people contributing with a passion. In the last few weeks, we’ve thanked our instructors and our volunteers. This week, we want to thank the people who are the foundation of the Beach Art Center, our board members and our staff.

The Beach Art Center offers an amazingly broad menu of fine art programs, events and gallery exhibits for a little place with a little staff! One thing we can always count on here at the Beach Art Center is that our board members (who are also supporting members, accomplished artists or instructors themselves) have an unwavering passion about art, the enrichment that art brings to life, and the mission to enhance our community. The ladies pictured above - Lynda (Board President), Margie (Board VP) and Mary (Board Member/Instructor) - have probably spent as much time working through camp as any staff member would. All three were just a phone call away on a moment's notice, or just showed up in anticipation of needs (from set-up to cleaning, reception to service, or scheduling to office work) - these three were here ... and then there's Jeanette (Administrative Assistant extraordinaire) who worked many many more hours than anticipated to keep it all together. 

We've said it before - we couldn't have done it without everyone who helped with camp. A very special and heartfelt thanks to four very special ladies from the Executive Director.