Kreative Kids Camp Wrap-Up

With this, our final report, we look back at the challenges and successes of our 2016 Kreative Kids Summer Camp. They say hindsight is 20/20; and this is no exception! 

We embarked upon camp with many challenges, from staffing changes that delayed planning and process changes that limited opportunities for marketing, to an explosion of competing camps and a shorter summer school break that limited the number of sessions we could offer. 

The first weeks were, truthfully, worrisome - but, looking back at the whole picture, we prove that nothing exists in a bubble! Many different people helped to pull us through (and we hope we didn't forget anyone in our thanks). Despite the challenges, which will help us strategize for our next season of camp, 2016 was a great success.


Statistically, 2016 performed as well as 2015. The number of weeks and sessions offered in 2016 was 70% of those offered in 2015; we served 152 happy campers (74% of 2015) and filled 256 spots (66% of 2015)! Thanks to the support of grants and sponsorships, and our community, members, volunteers, instructors, staff and board, we exceeded our expectations. We fulfilled our goal of enriching the lives of children and families who would not typically have access to arts programs: single parents of low income families, grandparents raising young children, children of special needs, and children of areas in which there are no opportunities for arts. We at the Beach Art Center are proud to know that these connections will continue. Many of the families are in contact to look for year-round opportunities for their children, and we are introducing those opportunities as we open our regular season. 

A heartfelt thanks to all who support the Beach Art Center. We wish you a lifetime of creative experiences!