June 20-24

  • Monday-- first production meeting for TRU. As we are working with a low budget, and hence a skeleton production crew, there is much to discuss, and delegate. I am still always surprised how a "simple"set is always harder to achieve than a huge spectacle! It went well, and Studio@620 is always a great place for collaborating. Lining up press and publicity for the actor, Mark Chambers, and confirming rehearsal times and space. First rehearsal is Tuesday the 28th.  Later in the day, the cocktail reception at Studio@620 for the donors was lovely, and everyone is highly energized about this production. 
  • Tuesday--a meeting for A PARKINSON'S COLLECTIVE (APC). Just one group member showed. Summer is always a tricky time, but good ideas came out of it, and a reshaping of the group and it's goals is in the making. Ultimately, we are looking to have an evening of performance/art exhibit/interactive installation sometime late Fall or early 2017. We will be off for a few weeks while I am directing Tru, but am encouraged with the direction the group is headed in, and getting all members in the same room. Probably not until the end of July.
  • Wednesday-- spent the day communicating with the veterans for Telling: Orlando, getting confirmation for their participation (it's never assumed they will continue after interviewing) and getting bios, as well as schedules. It's always tricky to schedule non performers for rehearsals, because they aren't  accustomed to allotting so much time to working on something. I do find if I relate it to boot camp and training, I usually get them on board. I always keep in mind when making the rehearsal schedule, they don't have the stamina (or deep love the craft!) of a professional actor. I keep it to 4 hour blocks. It's going to be tricky, I don't have a stage manager or any production support, and their schedules are varied. I'll be doing a lot of back and forth to Orlando. The bright spot----they all said yes! 
  • Thursday--combed through TRU script-worked on blocking and technical cues. Met with Bob Devin Jones at Studio @620 to discuss APC performance idea. As always, the answer was YES!
  • Friday--spent a few hours in a sound studio doing an audio transcription of a telephone interview from Telling:Orlando for Max and The Telling Project. The interviewee had a thick Florida accent, and Max had a hard time understanding the dialect. I, on the other hand, have a pretty good ear for it, so offered to find someone with a recording studio. I listened on headset, and would then repeat and record. It was more difficult than I anticipated, not just because it was 2 hours, but it is the story of a mother losing her only child to war. Hard to keep it just about recording.