June 27-July 3

  • TRU rehearsals Tuesday June 28- Sunday July 3

Great, productive week!

Tuesday, June 28, our first official rehearsal for TRU. As always, it's a balancing act of starting out slowly, but pushing forward, toward that place you hope to arrive. I love theatre, I love (and at times despise) the delicacy of the collaborative process. But what rare treat this week has been. Such a privilege to occupy my time and the creative space with Mark Chambers, a consummate professional, and one who mingles his artistry and craft together with such attention and care. I know it has only been a week, and the time will fly by, but I am savoring every moment in the rehearsal hall with him. 

Set up publicity for Tru. Interviews next week with WMNF, and Creative Loafing. Papering local with posters and cards.

  • Telling: Orlando

Met with Patricia Putman at Florida Humanities Council on Thursday June 30, to discuss contracts for rental spaces in Orlando for the 3 performances at Orlando Shakespeare Theater.  Working with performers schedules to stand approve a rehearsal schedule, so we are able to secure rehearse space at OST.

Setup meetings for future Telling Projects. One meeting set next week with SVA at USFSP, and following up with one in Ft.Myers.

Max Rayneard of Telling Project says all transcribing has been completed, and he has begun working on the script.