August 1-14th

FATE: so, as the god/dess would have it, I have been offered gainful employment. This is always, always a catch-22. I love my free time, my liminal space, the time that most people feel needs to be FILLED with something.  Free time for an artist usual means the time they use to fill, doing whatever it is that they do for art...that hopefully translates into the way they make their living. As a theater artist, I know free time for me means piecing together jobs and projects, and while most people find it unnerving (and believe me, it is) it is also liberating to be able to stitch together a life of artistic endeavors. So I am always anxious when I lend my time and creativity over to full time employment. But this is good, it's within my field of study, drama therapy. I will be the full time drama therapist on staff at Focus Academy in Tampa, a charter high school for children with Development and Intellectual Disabilities. A great organization, that sprung from a drama therapy group, The ACT Project, that I ran with Loretta Gallo Lopez from 2009-2014, and a group of determined parents. SO, while it's good, and provides me with all the trappings...I mean benefits.... of full time employment, I always feel a little sad, as my time for other projects becomes less and less.

However, I will be heading to Orlando every weekend in September to stage Telling:Orlando, and am expecting the script to arrive to my inbox any day now. Always exciting to have the interviews solving translated into script form. 

I am also producing again this year  HA!Man......Francois LeRoux and Joke Debarre. This time for one night only, November 16, so I am feverishly scrambling to get them set up with a poetry workshop and performance in St Pete. Francois is an improvisational cellist from South Africa, and Joke is a spoken word actor from Belgium. Last year they did a house concert, an evening at the Dali, and one at Studio@620. This will be the 3rd year I have brought them to the area.......their talent, insight, and human connectivity is always a much needed breath of  artistic and creative freshness. More on them later!