AUGUST 15-26


Focus Academy has had a fantastic start to the school year. 95 kids with DD/ID are receiving weekly drama therapy. That is a first in the state of Florida, and perhaps in the country! Finding a full time job for a drama therapist is easier in states where drama therapy is a recognized form of psychotherapy, such as New York, New Jersey, and California. So...yay Florida!


And the big news........ the script for TELLING: ORLANDO has arrived! Powerful and poignant, I've begun to break down the text, work on the blocking, and gather photos, and music, and other technical elements for performance. I've been working with the veteran performers on gathering biographies and getting ready for media and publicity opportunities. Everyone is excited and eager to begin rehearsals September 9th. 

No doubt September will be a full month, between working full time 8-4 at the school, and commuting on weekends to Orlando, rehearsing for TELLING: ORLANDO.


No rest for the weary.