Well---TRU closed July 24. A TRU-ly wonderful production. Saturday and Sunday the audience were swinging from the rafters. I can't help but feel we were just getting our momentum. Another week, and we would have sold out each performance. Such is life. 

Spent the week doing all the customary things one does when closing a show.....making sure the appropriate people are properly thanked, returning all the borrowed items, and focusing on the next project. Which is, of course, TELLING: ORLANDO. In circling back with the theater space, where the performance and rehearsals are happening, come to find out the space that we were to have for rehearsal is no longer available (due to staff changes and vacations at the organization, things apparently fell through the cracks). The week was a mad scramble of back and forth emails, phone calls and inquiries. Luckily, we found an even better space, and begin our rehearsals Sept. 9th. Next week begins the phase of planning and scheduling with the individual performers, which is much like herding cats, but always works out in the end. Patience and planning skills required.

As for A Parkinson's Collective, things have come to a screeching halt. One participant is currently in the hospital, and two are on vacation. Hopefully as we move into August, we can get things back on track. A start up group is always a challenge, and getting folks to be dedicated and consistent takes time. I have faith, though, as there is a need. 


Thats all for this week. I will leave a few pics of the closing weekend of TRU.