Sept 10-Sept 15

Final Log.

The first week of Telling: Orlando rehearsals was profound and timely. I am always humbled at the courage and truth that the performers share. Their willingness to be vulnerable in the face of telling their stories to hundreds of strangers, is always inspiring. The fact that one of our rehearsals took place on Sept. 11th, just deepened its' resonance. Each story being told in that room is directly connected and impacted by that fateful day.

I hope you attended the Conversation on Sept.12th. It was really quite enlightening and entertaining, and I was proud to up there with such talent acts the boards, representing the theater artist. 

I am so grateful to have had this opportunity given to me by Creative Pinellas, and to be able to share this small slice of "a day in the life' of a freelance theater professional. There are so many out there, doing amazing work, and I am fortunate that I have been recognized so generously for mine.

The monies from this grant provided me with (financial) breathing room, and freedom. 

The  fellowship funds were utilized for travel and lodging (travel back and forth and weekends overnight in Orlando add up!) It subsidized my being able to direct TRU at Studio@620, and to start the ball rolling, and purchase art and other supplies, for A Parkinson's Collective.

Thats all for now. It has been quite a ride, and I hope you've  gotten some pleasure in following this blog, and gained a little more insight into the world of the freelance artist! Thanks for checking.