Aug 29-Sept 9

Oh Hermine!

Focus was closed on Thursday and Friday, which meant that I had plenty of time to prepare for next week, and our first weekend of rehearsal for Telling: Orlando. Plenty of time to sit with the script, check in with the veteran performers on changes they'd like, and get all travel and lodging accommodations set up for the month (Will be in staying Orlando every weekend thru Oct. 2). Also able to double check all systems go with the Orlando Fringe (which is where we finally landed a rehearsal space), FHC for all updates on media and publicity, and again, little more time to just sit with the script. Luxury! I think I used my Hurricane Days well. Very excited for first rehearsal today, having everyone in the room, and hearing the incredibe tapestry these stories weave. Last minute errands yesterday getting all necessary supplies (including coffee and snacks...VERY important) binders, markers, pencils, etc..... Always challenging to set up shop away from home base.

Looking forward to the Conversation at freeFall on the 12th! Hope to see some friendly faces, and eager to hear  all about projects from the other recipients. See you there?