Mark Aeling

Mark Aeling, Visual Art, has been consistently awarded multiple public art commissions from 1996 to the present as well as private commissions for his sculpture work. He has been recognized both nationally and internationally including the prestigious Stone Sculpture Triennale 2012. He is president of the board of the Warehouse Arts District Association and Master Plan Committee for the Warehouse Arts District and Keep St. Pete Local. His work Ascent, a design collaboration with Florida Artist Hall of Famer Christopher Still, is currently installed at the Opal Sands Resort. Aeling writes β€œthe wonder of sculpture is that it combines chemistry, math, physics and engineering as well as a wide range of creative processes.”

Mark Aeling of MGA Sculpture Studio will be completing several commissioned sculpture for the first half of the summer.  Following these projects He will use the fellowship funds to begin work on a couple of personal sculpture projects that he has been conceiving and designing over the past few months.  These sculptures will be large scale metal fabrications and you can follow the progress on