July 29 to August 4, Grant-Related Activities

My slide-sorting activities continued throughout the weekend. And the task is still not complete! While working on the slides, I put my most recent painting in the Terra Firma series up in the living room so that each time I walked past it, I would see it, hoping that it would "speak" to me. It was almost finished but something about it wasn't working . I decided the color was too harsh and that I needed to soften it. Since the oil stick I'd applied most recently was still tacky, I sprinkled some graphite powder onto my painting (a mixed media work on canvas) then burnished it onto the surface. The graphite didn't soften the color, it killed it! So I washed it off, knowing that the graphite would adhere to the textural valleys. Now the color is both softer and richer, almost luminous.

I've decided that I'd like to see this painting as part of a triptych, so I headed to one of our local art supply stores to pick up a couple of canvases (they're on sale there this week--I'm always on the hunt for a bargain!) As I type this in my studio, the canvases are beckoning me BUT I have had teaching obligations to fulfill both at St Anthony's Hospital on Monday and at the Morean Arts Center on Tuesday and the week has continued with the distractions of daily life that keep me from painting.

On Wednesday I went to Clearwater to investigate a space for a possible exhibition (if not for myself, perhaps for my Morean Arts Center students). Today, Thursday, I'm off to discuss the possibility of a teaching position, that of teaching art to Alzheimer patients and their caregivers. I've worked with Alzheimer patients at St Anthony's Hospital and have had some success getting folks who seemed completely incoherent to make art. It's a unique challenge, and rewarding.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on plans for my trip to India in December and the subsequent solo show, an installation based on Sanctuary, at Studio@620, scheduled for May, 2017. I'm also getting closer to firming up dates and prices for the painting retreat I'm planning for summer of next year in New Mexico.   

Detail of Sanctuary at Gallery 221, Hillsborough Community College, Dale Mabry Campus, 2014

Another detail of Sanctuary at Gallery 221, showing three of the four mixed media paintings in the exhibition