Getting Used To Life In The Swamp

Week 1 of our Musical Theatre Summer Camp: Shrek the Musical Jr. is complete. This week, was not as hectic as last week because I was working more with the administration work, then with the actual show, which I am totally okay with. 

I'm still having to pick up the lunches from EVOS because we haven't reached our 20 lunch order goal yet, but that's okay. I don't mind driving to EVOS everyday; it's kind of like a nice little break for myself, where I can have peace and quiet for about 20 minutes. 

Monday, was audition day and it was a boring day for the kids, because it consisted of a lot of sitting around and waiting. The auditions lasted until lunch and then after lunch the creative team cast the show and then announced the cast list and we had a read thru. A couple of kids, were upset with the part they got because they thought it was a small role and they wanted a big role. The creative team, during the second break in the afternoon, sat down and talked about adding extra scenes like we have in the past, to give everybody, their moment to shine, but we came to the conclusion, that it's not only illegal, but it's not teaching the kids what true theatre is. If we add extra scenes now and cater to each child's want and needs, they are going to go out into the real world and think that when they get a ensemble role that they are going to right in extra scenes, but they're not. We want to make camp, like a real audition process, and rehearsal process, as much as possible. 

Tuesday - Friday consisted on working on the show nonstop, all day. We've learned that some kids at this camp, think it's going to be very leisurely and that they can come in everyday with a different excuse, as to why they can not participate and then choose not to participate and that just shows that they don't want to be here. 

The interns for this camp are a young batch. So it involves a lot of prompting and reminding, of what they have to do. All the way from telling them not to eat sugar cubes to telling them when to go to their different zones. All I can say about this week is, that it was interesting. We are still trying to get used to camp and working out the specific little details. I feel like next week, we will finally have everything worked out and it will be a smooth week.

- Griffin Spriggs, Assistant Camp Director