Broadway Bootcamp and Shrek Jr.

From the first day jitters to the astounding feeling of the audience's applause. These two week intensives are an amazing way for kids from the ages of 7-14 to learn leadership, time management, and group skills. Students learn about the importance of memorize blocking, lines, songs, and dances. Our first camp 'Broadway Boot Camp' focused on what you need to have prepared for any audition. By the end of this one week intensive each student will have two songs and two monologues memorized and blocked to be ready for any audition to come in the future. This camp gives each student one on one private lessons everyday to be prepared for our showcase at the end of the camp to boost the confidence of the students. Each time a student is given the opportunity to perform in front of crowd or audience the students confidence level boosts, the student is happy and confident!


Broadway Boot Camp, our one week audition workshop intensive, was filled with hard work, discipline, and fun. As choreographer I had 2-3 hours a day to teach 20-30 students a 6 minute dance routine and the basic and proper techniques of many styles of dance such as ballet, tap, and jazz. In Shrek The Musical Jr. we had 2 weeks Monday-Friday to put on a full production. The first day of camp involves of the meet and greet of camp staff and students along with auditions and first read thru of the show. Without a hesitant we jump straight into blocking, music, and dancing. By the time of the second week all of the dances were choreographed and it was time to start cleaning up the dance numbers to get show ready. When Wednesday rolled by it was our first day of tech rehearsal, we ran the whole show with lights, music, and sets. As it always is the first day of tech rehearsal was rough, but as we ran the show over and over again, each time the students heard a critiqued note it was not long before they started adapting and learning from their notes. By the time of our last run through the show was exactly were we wanted it to be. During the show we were all so proud of all the hard work each and every student had put into the show. Friends and family were amazed by the production. It was at the end of the production when I saw the joy on the faces of the students on stage that brought joy to my heart. I am looking forward to working this next camp and to be amazed with what the students will do next!

~ Lana'e Hernandez, Assistant to the Camp Director