Week 9 -- Reflections on the last week of Summer Clay Camp

Here are some images from our last week of Summer Clay Camp and our group of ages 4-5 year olds who began what we hope will be a continuing relationship with us.  Working with 4-5 year old children in a camp setting was a new venture for us, and one we hope to continue. Capturing images of the art created, the children's reactions to their surroundings, the choices they made to create what they brought home to their families each Friday is a wonderful reminder how art education opportunities and experiences can and does shape lives.   

Join us tomorrow, Friday, August 5 at the Morean Arts Center at 719 Central Avenue to see the culmination of 9 weeks of group work and individual pieces that were created each week as we host an End of Camp party from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in our Risser Gallery. 

Week 8 - Reflections on Week 8 at Clay Camp

Our Director of Photography, Beth Reynolds, took some time to capture some images and thoughts at the Center for Clay Summer Art Camp, and in particular the activities of the ages 4-5 group that we inaugurated this year with support from the Creative Pinellas Rapid Returns grant.  Some of our campers were from the Happy Workers Day Care Center, which is a partnership we are developing further. 

2016 Week 8 Image 2 Clay Camp.jpg

Beth writes, "I saw the campers working on 2 projects, one for puppets for First Night and the second for beading to make bracelets to take home.  The puppets were a multi-day project, which required layering of material, tying, decisions on materials, creative thought. The beading was a one day project that required planning, manual dexterity to beat on a small string, color placement, sizing." 

"They had 2 tables with small groups, working together very well, conversations between children were about creative choices and they complimented each other on the making of the bracelets."

Week 8 -- Puppets and Fairy Houses

Our 4-5 year olds worked on puppet-making for First Night and fairy houses.  Here's a couple of comments that came from the group this week:


Preston, Age 5:  I made a fairy house out of clay.  I worked with tissue paper and glue. I liked it when I played with the train set while talking with some new people. 

Sonia, Age 4:  I liked how I made something out of clay, it was a fairy house. I walked through the gallery to see other things.  

Aniyah, Age 4: I liked when I made the aliens from clay, my alien was a cat.  I liked how the clay felt, it was soft and wet.  

Jeremiah, Age 5: I saw a doughnut made out of clay. The kiln made our tic-tac-toe game board get hard. I liked the costume fish hanging from the ceiling. Oh, yeah! The puppet I made was awesome.


Next week is Week 9....the last week of Summer Clay Camp! It's gone fast! More images and narrative to come!



Week 8 - Build A Home

This week's theme is Build a Home.  Our 4-5 year old group gathers each day to play with clay and drawing.  Last week's theme was "Game On," and clay tic-tac-toe tiles were created.  Another group created "Super Kid," last week, seen below, which will be placed along the Pinellas Trail next to the Historic Train Station that serves as our Center for Clay.  

Week 7 - Game On

Today at the Center for Clay, we have a group from the Happy Workers Day Care Center in the new 4-5 year old group.  The kids worked in collaborative projects, 2 giant butterflies to paint and hang in the window. In 2 groups, the kids each had their brush and water color paints. The teacher showed them how to dilute the paint, make big and small brush strokes and wash the brush...They all worked together very well, helping each other with color choices, shown how to clean the brush, they asked questions about the process. They asked for clean water for their rinse cup. They switched hands to reach other areas to paint. They laughed and had pride in their project. It was a very happy process start to finish. After each butterfly was done they were able to paint on smaller paper and learned about a wax resist process with crayons and water colors. 

They complimented each other, usually the person sitting next to them.  

Week 8 is coming next week and the theme will be Build a Home for the older groups. There are no formal themes for ages 4-5....the only suggestions are to have fun and make art!

Week 6 - In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Our Director of Photography Beth Reynolds spent some time with the little ones this week at the Center for Clay. Here is a partial posting of her impressions from Clay Camp. 

"Today was really nice - they were making star fish and jelly fish -- the jelly fish was balled up tinfoil with netting wrapped around and then tons of ribbons tied around to drape down -- several kids did not know how to tie -- I showed one girl -- demoed it twice and she caught on right away and practiced her new skill. Other girls helped each other with the ribbon and once we showed them how to do it -- they were good to go -- the young man in class is very young and he was quiet, got extra attention and did proceed with making stuff."

The kids this week were more attentive, but also not shy -- they talked and seemed to share well..."

"The kids were bright and happy and worked in twos, mostly.:

Next week, our themes are Portraits in Clay and Game On, but our ages 4-5 youth don't work within the themes but have different projects every day, some that incorporate clay. 


First Post

Wednesday, June 8 was the first day of Summer Art Camp! This year, with the support of a Creative Pinellas Rapid Returns grants we added 2 half-day opportunities for ages 4-5 at the Morean Center for Clay in Midtown for all 9 weeks of camp.  We are so excited to have these little ones with us! Look to this blog for more detailsand images in the coming weeks!