Week 6 - In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Our Director of Photography Beth Reynolds spent some time with the little ones this week at the Center for Clay. Here is a partial posting of her impressions from Clay Camp. 

"Today was really nice - they were making star fish and jelly fish -- the jelly fish was balled up tinfoil with netting wrapped around and then tons of ribbons tied around to drape down -- several kids did not know how to tie -- I showed one girl -- demoed it twice and she caught on right away and practiced her new skill. Other girls helped each other with the ribbon and once we showed them how to do it -- they were good to go -- the young man in class is very young and he was quiet, got extra attention and did proceed with making stuff."

The kids this week were more attentive, but also not shy -- they talked and seemed to share well..."

"The kids were bright and happy and worked in twos, mostly.:

Next week, our themes are Portraits in Clay and Game On, but our ages 4-5 youth don't work within the themes but have different projects every day, some that incorporate clay.