Week 7 - Game On

Today at the Center for Clay, we have a group from the Happy Workers Day Care Center in the new 4-5 year old group.  The kids worked in collaborative projects, 2 giant butterflies to paint and hang in the window. In 2 groups, the kids each had their brush and water color paints. The teacher showed them how to dilute the paint, make big and small brush strokes and wash the brush...They all worked together very well, helping each other with color choices, shown how to clean the brush, they asked questions about the process. They asked for clean water for their rinse cup. They switched hands to reach other areas to paint. They laughed and had pride in their project. It was a very happy process start to finish. After each butterfly was done they were able to paint on smaller paper and learned about a wax resist process with crayons and water colors. 

They complimented each other, usually the person sitting next to them.  

Week 8 is coming next week and the theme will be Build a Home for the older groups. There are no formal themes for ages 4-5....the only suggestions are to have fun and make art!