Week 8 -- Puppets and Fairy Houses

Our 4-5 year olds worked on puppet-making for First Night and fairy houses.  Here's a couple of comments that came from the group this week:


Preston, Age 5:  I made a fairy house out of clay.  I worked with tissue paper and glue. I liked it when I played with the train set while talking with some new people. 

Sonia, Age 4:  I liked how I made something out of clay, it was a fairy house. I walked through the gallery to see other things.  

Aniyah, Age 4: I liked when I made the aliens from clay, my alien was a cat.  I liked how the clay felt, it was soft and wet.  

Jeremiah, Age 5: I saw a doughnut made out of clay. The kiln made our tic-tac-toe game board get hard. I liked the costume fish hanging from the ceiling. Oh, yeah! The puppet I made was awesome.


Next week is Week 9....the last week of Summer Clay Camp! It's gone fast! More images and narrative to come!