Tom Sivak

Music is a performance art. Without an audience to complete the loop, music doesn't really exist. Writing and rehearsing music is merely preparing for the performance. Until music is performed in front of an audience, it's little more than an unexecuted thought.

I want to thank Creative Pinellas for endowing me with funds to produce a concert performance of my new chamber opera, "Doctor Dilligaff's Baboon." (August 29th, 7pm, at the Palladium in St Petersburg. Admission is free.) This will be its first public performance, completing that loop and consummating years of writing into something that exists.

This is my first opera, although I have written several musicals which have found a life on the stage. Every new show, whether opera or musical, is written in a room by its creative team, who invent a journey for an audience, and imagine taking that journey along with them. Alone in a room, it's difficult to judge each step in that journey. That's why the first audience is so important. It is the first breath of real feedback for an author, lyricist, or composer and an important first step for any new show.

Once again, I'd like to thank Creative Pinellas for allowing my opera to take its first step onto a stage.  Please come be a part of that first audience and take a peek into the life of psychiatrist Doctor Dilligaff.

"Doctor Dilligaff's Baboon" --- The tale of a man, his monkey, and the woman who comes between them;  an opera in one act.