Ya Levy La' Ford

Activities supported by the Rapid Returns Fellowship Award will include
Materials for artwork in Bankok, Thailand and Beijing China
Materials for the following solo shows: 
- Chihuly
- Installation in Brooklyn, NY and
- Continuing exploration of Painting Practice

Ya Levy Laford, Visual Art - is a visual, mixed media artist and professor. Her extensive awards include, 2016 Muse Arts Ambassador Award, the Washington Project for the Arts, TBBCA Culture Encounter Art Award, and MLK Service Award Grant from the Florida Legislation. Her work has appeared in galleries, public collections and as part new community collaboration ad special projects. Her perspective is β€œart mobilizes consensus or debate and is key to expressing the identity of Pinellas county and the world beyond... Art conveys a sense of community building and human inter-connectivity which I'm expanding to under-served communities to ensure wider appreciation, inclusion and celebration of the universal language of art.”