ECHOES: Universal Signals Chihuly Solo Show


ECHOES: Universal Signals is a solo exhibition of golden infused geometric labyrinths on mirror, canvas and sculpture. This exhibit references La’ford’s signature linear and cyclical geometric labyrinths as a journey to explore metaphysical relationships between light, sound and space. The interactive sculpture installation scales the wall and highlights LED luminaries with an embedded sound instrument and mallet echoing vibrant and hollow tones when struck.  The exhibit also includes an audio element featuring St. Petersburg poet laureate Helen Pruitt Wallace. 

La’ ford “looks forward to showcasing this new body of work at the Chihuly Collection. It’s an opportunity to reach a different demographic of art enthusiasts who may otherwise never come across my installations.” “My work reflects my cultural hybridity. As a first generation American, I move between my Caribbean heritage(s) and all communities to try to find a universal language”, La’ford continued.

Opening Night Reception
Friday, July 2